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Beer Brewery Machine

Celebration Brewing Company is committed to producing authentic and unique beers that push the boundaries of regular brewing styles. We’re proud to serve our customers with only the best; continually crafting each beer until it’s exactly right.

The vision for Celebration Brewing began several years ago while home brewing right here in the Main Village of Celebration, FL. Brewing a keg here, pouring a pint there and sharing our beer with friends.  As some of Celebration’s first residents, we saw the need for creating community for those who enjoy good beer and good company.  With limited commercial space available, it was difficult to open the right sized brewery to serve the local community as well as visitors.


Fast forward to today where we are turning our dream into a reality!  At Celebration Brewing Co, we’re here to serve our community one pint at a time. Our beers are crafted to bring our community together. 


Whether you call Celebration home or just here to visit - stop by and taste what’s on tap.


Life’s short.

Love what you do.

Do what you love!


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